In addition, by consuming foods which contain sodium, it helps to assist in muscles, nerves, and brain functioning, as well as pH balance maintaining and hydration. For some, drinking water comes naturally. Pepsi is found to contain natural oils and flavors that contain alcohol. Caffeine and caramel food colorings, phosphorous and aspartame found in both their regular and diet sodas. It is much lower in sugar and calorie content compared to soda's or wine and is, most importantly, a non-addictive option and health-enhancing substitute. Moreover, it is greatly consumed due to the great and addicting taste from soda. 3. While moderate alcohol use may offer some health benefits, heavy drinking — including binge drinking — has no health benefits. In contrast, the deficiency of this kind of nutrients may lead to certain health problems such as abnormal heartbeat and anemia. Drinking two cans of soda per day can lead to a 2 lb. Then, you will be happier and still be a healthy person while drinking soda. This natural refreshing drink provides antioxidants, electrolytes, and other great and beneficial nutrients. The ingredients in Pepsi and Coke are very similar. When you compare the disadvantages of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola, you may be scared. It is known as the lack of bowel disorder which gives the pain on bowel movements. These sodas contain caffeine that acts as a diuretic that increases urination. weight gain over a month. Recent research shows that it … Even though both sodas make a diet, low-calorie or no-calorie drink, neither of them will admit that their product is part of the obesity problem. Fortunately, many schools are taking a stand against allowing these types of drinks on their campuses, with fewer soda options available at public schools, according to a recent study. The insulin response may in fact make us hungrier afterward.” If you then feel so bored, out of line, no idea, or just don’t feel like people today then you can just drink a glass of soda with ice cubes to get you in tune again. Login to AstoCare and connect with the best health experts of your city. As a consequence, your food table will be perfectly completed with great and healthy foods. Potassium. They specialized products which being commercialized as a healthy soda with vitamins and minerals contained and topped off with the calorie-free sweetener called acesulfame potassium. Before shopping for some soda cans, it is recommended to read the ingredient list and watch for additives composition such as sodium and sugar. That is insane. Research shows an increased risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome with both diet soda and regular soda intake. Business Tips for Experts, Authors, Coaches. Both carbonated soft drinks are the best sellers around the world, doing billions of dollars in business. Then, in 1886, “Coca Cola” which is known as the most popular soda drink today, was invented by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. I would like to remind that this debate is about the 2 drinks, Coca cola and pepsi. Both of these sodas were created for the same reason – to quench your thirst and create a non-alcoholic beverage. Though, it is likely to know that the bad effects of soda need to be more convinced. You may want to drink soda as a regular drink. ... What's less apparent, but also important, is when a soft drink and snack kingpin like Pepsi starts to lose younger customers. Such a great idea, right? The soda habit is one that frequently begins during youth, particularly for children that have the sugary drinks readily available at home or at school. They both have almost the same ingredients, and the public distinguishes them by their packaging and taste. Indeed, if you still wonder whether is good or bad for your health. Here are the pros and cons: First, the cons Caffeinated sodas -- diet or not -- pose the biggest threat to your bones. I take the soda either chilled or at room temperature. Moreover, it shows that it is not the carbonation which is having a role, but the phosphoric acid in commercial soft drinks which lead to bone mineral density. For the taste, it is up to you to choose whether a chocolate or vanilla is the best as an option. For the past few months, I have been drinking only plain soda (Club Soda - Lehar or Kinley) instead of water. People who drink soda on a regular basis tend to consume more calories each day than those who do not, and typically experience weight gain. Phosphorus. It may lead to osteoporosis in women, weak and brittle bones. Then, soda can be an alternative for those who want to boost the health.In the same way, in the last few years, Coca Cola as well as Pepsi, launched the types of healthy soft drinks. Then, with a great taste of soda and the nutrients that come from the mixing fruit juice added, we will not worry to get certain health problems of consuming soda. Indeed, it strengthens the bones and promotes the bone density. Grape-flavored drinks may contain more added sugar and water than fruit juice, giving you lots of calories and little in the way of vitamins and minerals. Pepsi looks to be a bit sweeter, and Coke has a higher fizzy effect. It provides you the benefits to lower the risks of having cardiovascular disease and stroke due to the presence of antioxidant inside. Dehydration is caused by drinking Coke or Pepsi because drinkers think it’s all right to drink them in place of water. Or how the history brought this beverage into a great commercial drink? However, consume it in moderate is the best way. Besides, it provides you to burn the fat and help you to lessen weight. To heal with dehydration problems, consuming soda might be a good solution to choose. They market to each generation. Just drinking a can, a day can cause a person to gain 12 pounds in one year. But, this claim is considered to be wrong, since a study has been published to prove that soda water does not have a role in leaching of calcium to the urine. Test results are not in yet as to what side effect this will have on drinkers. A healthy drinkable … In addition, the soda commercial is having a great role in increasing the interest of consuming soda water. The soda itself contains high sugar amount which can be harmful to the body. Most of us have heard that we should be drinking more water, as our bodies are largely comprised of it. Each can of coke have 140 calories, and Pepsi has 150 – also referred to as the ‘empty calories’. However, the plain carbonated water will not make you gain weight as it just a water plus air, bottled seltzers, natural flavor enhancers contains sodium and other additives. Then, as the consequence, here we list the great tips of consuming soda properly. There are many health alternatives like water, tea, and 100% juice. How is it made? Cheers! With milk, it helps to increase the amount of calcium inside the body. Cons of Diet Soda No Nutritional Benefit. So, all the option will be on your hand! Pros and Cons to Buying PepsiCo Stock. Beside of the bad effects of the soda consumption, it is recommended to learn how we make the soda into a healthy alternative drink. While an occasional soda is not a health risk for most people, regular consumption, even one or two sodas daily, can add up to health trouble over the long run, whether it is diet soda or regular. Alternatives While water is … Pepsi has a broad range of products for beverages and snack foods, which are sold in more than 200 countries. Coca-Cola was first introduced to the public in 1886 and contained cocaine. But if we eat 250 calories of food, we’ll probably eat 200 or 300 fewer calories later. Also, as it is low in calorie and low in fat, it leads you to have another option for diet menu to choose. According to Stone, by limiting people from doing something as simple as drinking certain amounts of soda, the city was going through the wrong course towards their objective. A stimulant caffeine contained in most of the soda drink will increase the concentration and mental focus as well. Further, one thing that must be taken into account, it is very best to drink soda in moderate. Surprisingly, those who wants to take routine diet, it may a good option to consume soda as well. Consequently, soda is commonly consumed as daily drinking compared to the intake of water in the United States. A soda water term refers to the carbonated water, sparkling water, or “bubbly water”. Moreover, this delightful kind of drinks is better to choose to promote some health functioning very well. Others may need more convincing, particularly if drinking water has not been a habit in their lives, but drinking soda has been. 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If plain soda water is too boring for you, add some fruit juice to your glass of soda. Magnesium. The soda water is having “caffeine” source contained similar with the coffee does. The Pros When Coke is served at McDonald's it tastes extremely bland. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Due to the presence of a good amount of sodium, or as it has shown on the table, soda is having a role in giving you the great source of sodium. Want to have some probiotics source? In another hand, some of you may know the fact that soda may lead to gain more weight due to the presence of sugar contained. I finished my certification in Sports nutrition (Future Fit College) from UK. It is also known that you are the one who controls the kitchen, get yourself to have some fun experiences by adding some different kind of fruits or simply add chia seeds to complete. If we drink 250 calories of soda, we may still eat the same amount in calories of food later. As a consequence, it is best to consume homemade soda water with the mix composition of fruits such as lemon and apple slices. Drinking sugar-sweetened soft drinks is … One study in 18 postmenopausal women showed that drinking sodium-rich carbonated water decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol, inflammatory markers, and blood sugar. In most cases, people who drank the soda got a good feeling compared to those who did not drink the soda. 1) Drinking is convenient. Besides finding the health problems caused by the ingredients, tests were done using coke to show the damage. Soda water is brought by Joseph Priestley who has invented the carbonated water in 1767. If you have soda water, it is good to mix it with spices such as ginger and cardamom to help with the digestion. Related: Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate. All that acid takes its toll on your stomach, as well. Most of you may not have known that soda is having a role in treating the kidney problems. The nutrients contained in the energy drink like amino acid taurine, caffeine, and vitamin B increase your heart rate giving you an energy boost when you feel tired. Caffeine in both sodas makes it addictive and can raise heart rate and blood pressure. 2. It is a must to watch carefully the ingredients of foods you want to consume. This action may help you to avoid the negative impacts of drinking soda. For some tips, sprinkle some sugars or add honey to get the sweeter coffee. Coke Pepsi The Cons Pepsi is unhealthy unless you are drinknig diet or something like that. Related: Health Benefits of Not Drinking Soda. The large amount of sugar added to soda represents a significant health risk. Also, consuming it in moderate it the best way to choose. Instead, regular soda drinkers often switch to diet soda as a healthier alternative. Increased blood pressure can occur when over consumption of the fructose in these drinks. The result comes up with the heart health benefits. Pros: Tastes far better than water. Indeed, the sugar or acid substances increase the negative effects such as dental problems. The pro and cons of energy drink help determine whether it is good for your health or not. Therefore, if you have any digestion problem, it is good to drink soda in moderate for an option. Pros And Cons Of Soda. Increase your engery. Also, it acts as antioxidants to remove free radicals. Yet, despite that, now we will answer the question whether the soda is safe to drink or not. Further, a study shows that it will help to develop the coronary heart disease. Sugar-sweetened soda is high in calories that cause weight gain. On the other hand, there are some benefits to drinking calories. Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice....all for FREE! Related: Benefits of Sodium – Effects of High Sodium Level. Drinking milk for most people is a must. To be clear, we are not talking about sugary drinks, tonic, or club soda - just plain … Coca-Cola boasts about how it labels its cans with all the ingredients and claims they are hydrating. Then, you succeed to have a delicious and healthy beverage. Thus, having a healthy soda is very best to choose. I would like to point out that this debate is about which drink taste better, we aren't talking about other products in the brand. Diversified portfolio. Next, most people said that soda is not a good beverage to consume. The pros of drinking a meal. People want to consume something healthy, both for foods and drinks. Disadvantages of Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola: Which Is The Worst Cola? However, the further studies of this benefit need to be proven more as it will be well convinced. The Pros and Cons of Soda Water Several Fooducate community members have reached out to us asking if there are any issues with drinking carbonated water instead of plain water. That’s why it is called as the carbonated water in 1768. As a result, here are the health benefits of soda that you need to know. Since soda has been known as a carbonated drink, it will make you feel full than before. To be fair, though, soda is cheaper and, as a result, people drink more of it than they do of juice. All content is informational purpose only, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Last, do not drink sodas in your meal. Drink sodas in moderate or if you really need to drink it. Moreover, it takes part to hydrate body similar with the mineral water benefits. It is also known that soda helps you to prevent the impaired digestion. This can lead to osteoporosis and weak, damaged bones, or heart complications. We are talking about the health benefits you can get from consuming soda and how soda takes part in promoting the health. Disclaimer | Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. It is interesting though that coke does outsell Pepsi. With regular consumption of green tea, it will be a good result to your health. Even if you wanted to drink diet soda, you would be easily found it as prominently displayed in vending machines, at fast-food chains, and supermarket checkouts. Let’s explore the pros and cons of drinking soda vs. drinking water. They both contain high contents of sugar, 39 grams or 3.3 tablespoons. Therefore, it will help you to decrease the overall food consumption. However, the sugar composition has the specific capacity level to be in our body. Just drinking a can, a day can cause a person to gain 12 pounds in one year. Diet drinks remain a popular choice for many people because they appear healthier than drinks made with sugar. If it was like that, it would be "Coke vs Pepsico" since this is only about the 2 main drinks, coca cola and pepsi, other items such as doritos may not be considered. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons: Pros. After read some health benefits which is provided by soda, now you know how this flavorful beverage evolved into the great sodas we love to drink today. Besides, you can make your own homemade healthy soda by mixing it with some fruit juice to get a healthier body. Then, here we list the alternative ideas of drinking option to have a healthy and nutritious food below. Drinking soda on an everyday basis can have health consequences. The health benefits are almost nonexistent in either of these sodas. Many people enjoy the sensation of drinking carbonated beverages, but unlike tonic water or soda, seltzer water has no sugar, making it a healthier alternative. In addition, brush your teeth after drinking sodas helps you to strengthen the teeth and reduce any bad formation. The soda can also clean corrosion from your car battery terminals and remove grease from your clothes. But, what is exactly constipation? As described before, soda is having a role in preventing certain digestion problems. More. Despite the cons, as yet, there's no definitive evidence that the ingredients in diet sodas are harmful, provided you don't drink more than 80 cans (yes, 80) a day. Further, the process of the carbon dioxide gas under pressure known as the carbonation. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. The next health benefit of soda is the way it provides you to treat constipation. Read more on It has been known that coconut water is promoting the body health by boosting the energy we need. Go to your kitchen and make some wonderful beverages to drink. Then, take yogurt as a solution. I also completed advanced personal training diploma (Level-4) few years back. A study shows that people who drink carbonated water improve the digestion system and gallbladder emptying. They provide no nutritional value. The Next, it would be the best way to consume a drink for good. This invention made Dr Pepper as the oldest major soft drink in America which was being sold as an energy drink. Depending on how long kombucha is fermented, it can have a trace amount of alcohol, usually between 0.5-1%. It is a great information to know that negative effects which come from the intake of soda are linked to the presence of sugar contained. Not only for the good taste, indeed it is being an alternative to your dairy milk consumption. This great combination will add some health nutrients to your body. This level of sugar can elevate your blood glucose levels. Pepsi is found to contain natural oils and flavors that contain alcohol. Coca-Cola has a secret ingredient – FX that is truly a secret. And because it tastes good, mentally, it’s relaxing. Thus, having green tea to substitute may be the great option. However, you must watch the risks which may come up with the high consumption of soda. Drinking one 12-ounce can of an artificially sweetened soda per week can increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes by 33 percent. Aspartame or Amino Sweet connect to diseases and health problems such as cancer, leukemia. Though, still, it is best to consume fruits and vegetables which rich in nutrients to help your body hydrated very well. Picking sodas which have less acid is a great way to prevent the risks of having tooth decay and other tooth problems. The taste and the texture of soda water will lead you to have unique drinking experience than the regular water consumption. In any case, it is totally up to the individual to drink or not drink soda now that the disadvantages of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola have been laid out for you. They consume soda to be enjoyed in parties with their family and friends. Also, the “Pepsi-Cola” followed the invention in 1898 by Caled Bradham. Related: Health Benefits of Coconut Water. It is also known that soda helps you to prevent the impaired digestion. Indeed, it will prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes as well. While diet drinks do hold health benefits, you can … 1. In the same way, the raise of energy levels in the body is due to the presence of glucose which comes from sugar absorption process. A tooth put in a glass of Coke, and the result was, the tooth was almost entirely ‘eaten’ away. If you’re all out of energy and in need of a quick blast of sugar to get over that … The disadvantages of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola are numerous, and the harmful health effects are risky and can have results that can last a lifetime. … HFCS or high fructose corn syrup is another sugar ingredient. Then, by consuming coconut water regularly, your body will be healthier day by day. Thinking that because it is ‘diet’ drinkers are allowed to drink more which causes the weight gain. Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat for Female at Home, A Unique Guidelines in Choosing Weight Loss Plans and Goals, The 4 Most Effective Foods that Burn Belly Fat Fast. It poured into a toilet and cleaned the stains. Pepsi-Cola was introduced in 1893 and was intended to be used as a digestive drink. Home » Food & Bevarages » Beverages » 13 Best Health Benefits of Soda (No.10 is Insane). How To Prevent Your Children’s Dental Decay? Hence, the calcium works to maintain the good bones. We assume you don't, so, generally speaking, do this: If you currently drink regular soda, diet is still a better choice. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Thus, as an option, drinking coffee is good for you who wants to boost the energy. Soda becomes a popular drink in many countries which substitutes the water as a drink. Your stomach. It is known that he was the one who discovered a method of infusing water with carbon dioxide (CO2). Pros: 1. However, do you know what actually soda is? Crystal Light drinks won’t affect your diet negatively but also don’t supply any necessary nutrients. Next, the pros . If you’re on the go and don’t have time for a sitdown meal, drinking becomes a positive, especially if you have something nutritious. As we know, soda becomes a great option for those who wants to have a tasty drink. 13 Best Health Benefits of Soda (No.10 is Insane), Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info, Health Benefits of Apple and Cucumber Juice, Health Benefits of Lime Juice and Warm Water, Health Benefits of Coconut Water from Young Coconut, 16 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup (No.3 Insane), 10 Health Benefits of Irish Breakfast Tea # Relaxing, 9 Health Benefits of Coffee with Ganoderma – Excellent Energy Booster, 20 Proven Health Benefits of Milk Thistle (No.1 Insane), Benefits of Drinking Lion Dates Syrup with Milk for Energy and Stamina, Unexpected Health Benefits of Walking for Seniors, Stunning Health Benefits of Pistachios for Skin, Check These Health Benefits of Eating Pistachios During Pregnancy, Unpredictable Health Benefits of Almonds for Skin, Let’s Get to Know the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Skin. So the fluids that are essential for your body to function naturally are lost. Therefore, it is a good option for your diet food menu. Prosperous or phosphoric acid can destroy your teeth and bones, causing them to deteriorate by depleting them of calcium. Numerous Disadvantages Of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. Pictures There are more choices of flavors and a diverse range of diet types such as max, next, zero, and diet. Coke says it is the same great taste and says it is a drink fit for the family while Pepsi tries to appeal to the fun, youthful teen crowd.

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