display:none } float:right; display:block background:0 0; } } The Session King holds its own easily with the banjo. It is wonderful for picking Irish Tunes. font:normal normal 16px Arvo font:normal normal 16px Arvo; .post-sidebar-item{ } background-size:cover; } Combining a maple-resonator banjo body with a dreadnought-scale 6-string neck and head, this unique instrument is a fusion of Recording King's banjo and guitar lines. overflow-wrap:normal; padding:0 } #page_list_top .widget.PageList .overflow-popup ul{ .subscribe-button{ display:none } max-width:100%; } box-shadow:1px 0 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1) .search-expand-text{ } } .centered-top-placeholder.cloned .search form{ border-radius:50% } padding-bottom:7px; I bought a Irish tenor banjo tab book and really put some time in. Epiphone Recording A (19 Fret) Walnut Tenor Banjo; OME Monarch (19 Fret) Tenor Banjo Vega Artist Style X N0.9 Tenor Banjo (19 Fret) Paramount Aristocrat (Gold Plated) 19 fret tenor banjo; Paramount Style C Tenor Banjo (19 Fret) Paramount Style D (Holly model/silver plated) Tenor Banjo (19 Fret) Paragon Top Tension Tenor Banjo (19 Fret) Stelling … .post-filter-message .message-container{ -ms-flex:1 1 auto; margin:0 display:none .search.focused{ } padding:65px .sidebar-container{ .subscribe-popup div.widget.FollowByEmail .follow-by-email-submit{ } font-weight:700; margin:0; padding-bottom:6px .extendable .remaining-items.expanded{ padding:0 .dialog input[type=email]:focus,.dialog input[type=text]:focus{ } } -webkit-flex-direction:column; } The Banjo CruiseThe Banjo Cruise Workshop is held in a large private conference room that is essentially sound proof and separate from all other passengers. } .search h3{ } .BLOG_mobile_video_class{ text-transform:uppercase padding-right:20px; font:normal normal 12px Arvo; .widget.Blog .post.no-featured-image,.widget.PopularPosts .post.no-featured-image{ } } Recording King RKT-05 | Dirty 30’s Tenor Banjo Brand New with Full Manufacturer's Warranty! Why face the consequences of buying from a big box store and have your banjo arrive in non-playing condition. .centered-top{ .extendable .show-less,.extendable .show-more{ } min-height:100vh Only 1 left. .overflow-popup .tabs li,.overflow-popup li{ The tenor banjo first came to prominence in the early 1900's, and its C-G-D-A tuning is especially well suited for folk, Celtic and Dixieland music. } display:inline The answers should be helpful and the questions you read will remind you that you are not alone out there! .subscribe-popup .FollowByEmail .follow-by-email-submit:disabled{ to{ .post-body blockquote{ animation-duration:.3s -ms-transform:translateX(-353px); .search{ -webkit-box-pack:justify; Recording King RKT-05 Dirty 30s Tenor Banjo. The tenor banjo first came to prominence in the early 1900's, and its C-G-D-A tuning is especially well suited for folk, Celtic and Dixieland music. } height:0; bottom:0; font:normal normal 16px Arvo; background-color:#ffffff; Thank you so much for a great deal and excellent customer service. color:#000000; #sharing-dim-overlay{ .widget.Blog .post>.post-share-buttons-top{ -webkit-box-direction:normal; #comments{ .widget.PopularPosts .post{ margin:0; } font:normal normal 16px Arvo; -webkit-box-flex:0; margin:0 32px; .widget.Sharing .sharing-buttons li{ transition:height .3s cubic-bezier(.4,0,.2,1) -ms-flex:1 1 auto; .paging-control-container .comment-range-text,.paging-control-container .paging-control{ } -webkit-box-ordinal-group:5; width:540px } If you have any questions before or after your purchase, you can call and talk to a banjo expert. -webkit-flex-wrap:nowrap; } padding:30px } z-index:900 } This is an annual Florida banjo event and held during the winter months for locals,winter residents and students who want to escape the cold while improving their banjo playing, and having fun doing it. font:normal normal 12px Arvo; z-index:101 text-transform:uppercase } -ms-flex-wrap:wrap; transition-duration:.2s; position:absolute .collapsed-header .centered-top-container .search-input input.no-cursor{ outline:0; } } .hidden{ width: 60%; -webkit-align-self:center; color:#000000; -webkit-flex:0 0 auto; color:#000000; /*! display:block We'll spend our mornings and late afternoons exploring the wildlife of South Africa, and the mid day will be filled with a banjo workshop that should be fun and rewarding. } .post-footer,.post-footer a,.post-footer button{ } transform:translateX(-3888px) margin-top:12px; @-webkit-keyframes mspin-revrot{ text-transform:uppercase; from{ margin:0; fill:#000000 flex-wrap:nowrap; html[dir=ltr] .sidebar-container{ margin:0 } While playing two-finger backup chords, it's … } .post-filter-message .search-label,.post-filter-message .search-query{ width: auto; Since then I've written/recorded over 20 Banjo Books and Banjo DVDs , was the first to offer Banjo Lessons Online and have grown into a banjo store with over 1000 products. .widget.FeaturedPost .post-footer>*{ .sidebar-container .sidebar-back{ } body.item-view .widget.Blog .post-header{ overflow-y:hidden } float:right } } .byline.reactions .reactions-label{ .share-buttons li span.sharing-platform-button{ display:flex opacity:.3 } margin:0; padding:30px; Click & Collect. color:#4e884a; } background-color:#ffffff; line-height:50px; Sincerely, Ross Nickerson / 1-866-322-6567, ...you guys are great and i appreciate your rapid response and quick action in taking care of your customers needs. border:0 } I made this recording of a song I found on a traditional music website. margin-bottom:0 display:-webkit-flex; } Personally, I do not know any Irish tenor banjo players that use this tuning. display:flex; } border-radius:50%; border-top:1px dashed rgba(0,0,0,.54); .subscribe-popup h3{ When you add a Recording King banjo to your collection, you can count on receiving an instrument that combines timeless, classic design with high-quality modern workmanship that's second to none. font-style:normal; .widget.Header h1,.widget.Header h1 a{ .subscribe-popup div.widget.FollowByEmail .follow-by-email-address{ width:40px } -webkit-animation-duration:.3s; -webkit-animation:mspin-revrot 5332ms infinite steps(4); color:#4e884a font:normal normal 12px Arvo; The Banjo Safari Join me for an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience traveling to Africa for an African Photo Safari. color:#000000; body.item-view .post-body a[imageanchor="1"]{ animation:mspin-rotate 1.568s infinite linear; display:-webkit-box; margin:-8px Ottawa Music in Ottawa Kansas is also a great place to deal with, they stand behind everything they sell. Gold Tone Bluegrass 5 String Banjo Set. } transform:rotate(0) .overflowable-container{ font:normal normal 20px Arvo; Pure Banjo is open for business. } SOLD The tenor banjo first came to prominence in the early 1900's, and its C-G-D-A tuning is especially well suited for folk, Celtic and Dixieland music. } text-transform:uppercase display:inline-block; It was quickly adopted by Irish mandolin players, who tended to pick the melody to songs using a flatpick and a quick down-and-up picking pattern. } #comments .comment .comment-footer,#comments .comment .comment-header,#comments .comment .comment-header .datetime,#comments .comment .comment-header .datetime a{ -ms-flex:0 0 auto; height:1px; #cookieChoiceInfo{ .widget.Label li,.widget.Label span.label-size{ 4.6 out of 5 stars 11. } Click over to our banjo resources pages and see sample videos, video performances, more articles, hear MP3', banjo tablatures and our banjo teacher list for the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. #page_list_top .widget.PageList .title{ } line-height:1.7; Each banjo receives a workshop setup.This is important as it brings out the optimum tone and playability.We also replace the strings for ones that are more appropriate for Irish traditional music tuning GDAE,unless requested to do otherwise. flex:1 0 0; body#layout .hidden, margin:0; .sidebar-container .Label li a{ line-height:27.2px display:none color:#000000; -webkit-justify-content:space-between; .subscribe-popup div.widget.FollowByEmail .follow-by-email-submit{ Components. z-index:200 .sticky .widget.Header h1{ color:#4e884a; white-space:normal display:block; width:425px margin-top:1.5em svg:not(:root).touch-icon{ font-family:EB Garamond, serif } } } } Banjo Demo Videos for Goldtone Banjos, Recording King, Goldstar, Nechville, Deering. overflow:hidden .page_body{ -webkit-box-ordinal-group:4; font:normal normal 14px Copse; } } flex-direction:column body .CSS_LIGHTBOX{ .post-sidebar{ } content:'\2026' margin:0 auto; -webkit-flex:0 0 auto; -ms-flex-align:center; -webkit-box-align:center; flex:0 0 auto; color:#000000; color:#ffffff transform:rotate(-360deg) .sticky .centered-top{ margin:0; With lots of hard work along with the experience and knowledge gained playing and teaching banjo we have the expertise you need. line-height:48px .skip-navigation:focus{ Before Barney McKenna made the Irish tenor tuning popular, this was the standard tuning used. .loading-spinner-large>div{ padding-left:0; background-color:rgba(0,0,0,.54); } margin:0; margin-left:40px align-items:flex-start; } -ms-flex:0 0 auto; Deering Phoenix A/E 6-string Banjo. display:none width:auto; I can see myself upgrading at some point. } #page_list_top .widget.PageList .overflow-button{ .blog-pager a{ display:block; .Attribution{ €118. Recording King RKT-05 Dirty Thirties Tenor Banjo- New! box-sizing:border-box; Recording King Dirty 30's 5 String Resonator Banjo RKH-05. } .subscribe-popup{ -webkit-justify-content:center; color:#ffffff; height:1px; .byline:last-child{ background:0 0; } overflow:hidden } -webkit-box-flex:1; color:transparent; } } margin:0 0 16px 0 } } } max-width:calc(100% - 32px); .page .widget.FeaturedPost .post-header{ to{ box-sizing:border-box; padding:0 The open-back rim features 16 brackets holding down a REMO Fiberskyn head for the classic period-correct tenor sound.Add this Deluxe Tenor Banjo size Guardian CG-205-JT Padded Gig Bag Case for only $20 ($39.95 value), Call us with questions anytime 10AM to 10PM at 1-866-322-6567 or contact-us, The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. €1,898. } border:0; word-break:normal width:auto; font-size:13px; .search.focused form>*{ text-align:center; .sticky .search{ } } display:block; £559. } } .back-button-container,.hamburger-menu-container{ } .sidebar-container .svg-icon-24{ } padding-top:36px .main-heading{ display:-webkit-box; .mspin-grey_54-large{ padding:16px 0 text-align:center Gold Tone AC Traveler 5 string Banjo. } clip:rect(1px,1px,1px,1px); .search.focused .search-action{ background-color:#f7f7f7; @media screen and (min-width: 1024px) { This page is intended for tenor mandolas tuned CGDA (like a viola) and mandocellos tuned one octave lower in CGDA (like a violincello).If you are searching for mandolas in GDAE tuning (one octave lower than a mandolin) please see octave mandolins/mandolas page. cursor:pointer; color:#000000; .flat-icon-button{ #page_list_top .widget.PageList .overflowable-contents li:not(:first-child):before{ display:-webkit-box; } } } margin:auto; padding:7px; .byline .flat-button{ width:100% } text-transform:none font:normal bold 16px Arvo; If you're looking for an amazing blast from the past, you ought to start your search for the right Recording King banjo with the Dirty 30s models. #comments .comment .comment-header .datetime{ } width:100% html[dir=ltr] .sidebar-container.sidebar-invisible{ margin-bottom:24px; height:120px; We have many in various stages of repair and dis-repair. margin:0; -webkit-transform:rotate(-360deg); } height:auto; height:40px; #commentsHolder{ display:none transform:rotate(0) It holds its tune so that I don't have to keep retuning it everytime I pick it up. margin-left:24px; } } display:-ms-flexbox; display:none Why face the consequences of buying from a big box store and have your banjo arrive in non-playing condition. .overflow-button{ Epiphone Mayfair 1929 Tenor Banjo - USED. .jump-link{ .search-expand-icon{ to{ } text-transform:uppercase } } z-index:900 -ms-flex-direction:column; } font:normal normal 12px Arvo -webkit-flex:1 1 auto; display:flex; } -webkit-box-direction:normal; It has construction similar to an old Gibson Oriole with a single coordinator rod setup and an equally-fast, comfortable neck. } -webkit-box-pack:center; #comments .comment{ } Performance videos including El Cumbanchero, I'll Fly Away, Cherokee Shuffle, Cluck Old Hen, Little Martha and Ross Nickerson with X-Train. cursor:pointer } cursor:default; Try. height:100%; €265. margin:0; .dim-overlay{ It's been kept nice and tidy and has its own, Superior-branded gigbag. .no-posts-message{ color:#000000; margin:0 } } } border-color:#000000; .skip-navigation{ } line-height:0 .post-body img{ $225.00. word-break:break-all font:normal normal 24px Arvo; display:none font:normal normal 12px Arvo; display:none .search{ .share-buttons .svg-icon-24{ -webkit-order:2; } border-radius:2px; position:relative margin-top:20px; €249.99. pointer-events:none width:calc(100% - 24px); display:none body#layout.ltr .sidebar-container { -webkit-box-pack:justify; margin-top:0 display:inline-block; #page_list_top .widget.PageList .overflowable-contents li.hidden{ padding-bottom:8px position:fixed; Prime Cart. transform:translateX(353px) } 2017 Recording King RKT-05 Dirty 30s Tenor Banjo I took this nearly-new tenor in trade and, for an instrument that's only $250 new, it's really quite a good banjo. @-webkit-keyframes mspin-rotate{ Tyler Jackson of Hearts' Home Acoustics plays a 1930s Epiphone Recording A Tenor Banjo. -webkit-transform:rotate(360deg); } max-height:75vh; .link-copied-dialog .modal-dialog-buttons{ display:flex margin:-12px; white-space:nowrap text-transform:uppercase flex:1 0 1px } } line-height:1.7 } border:0; width:100% } } .blog-name div.widget.Subscribe{ .sticky .centered-top{ Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Components. -webkit-box-ordinal-group:3; .sticky .widget.Header h1{ transition-property:transform,opacity,-webkit-transform; } } } display:block; outline:0; } } } top:0; line-height:0; display:block 6 . €2,850. The critical part of any banjo is the neck. .post-sidebar{ text-transform:uppercase; -webkit-transform:rotate(0); 2. 9 Tubaphone Tenor Banjo. } margin:0 30px padding-bottom:5px; } border:0; Product Description. .paging-control-container .comment-range-text::after,.paging-control-container .paging-control{ .b-notification{ fill:#000000; background:0 0; color:transparent; margin-right:48px flex-wrap:wrap; to{ -webkit-transform:rotate(-360deg); } color:#000000 font:normal normal 14px Arvo right:0 margin:0; -webkit-flex:1 0 1px; padding:12px transition-timing-function:cubic-bezier(.4,0,.6,1) .post-filter-message{ background-size:cover; .collapsible,.collapsible>summary{ } } -webkit-flex:0 0 auto; } Gold Tone Bluegrass 5 String Banjo Set. transform:scaleX(-1) .collapsible>summary::-webkit-details-marker{ transition-timing-function:cubic-bezier(.4,0,.2,1) 2 . height:35px; Free postage. .centered-bottom,.centered-top{ .snippet-container,.snippet-fade{ color:#000; } text-transform:uppercase This is a inexpensive banjo that has very nice fit and finish with a tone ring. background-color:#fff; display:inline-block -webkit-transform:rotate(0); vertical-align:middle .subscribe-popup h3{ display:none .post-filter-message{ The Recording King Madison RK-T36 is a unique tenor banjo for players looking to add a traditional vibe to their sound, and the perfect crossover instrument for mandolin, violin, viola and cello players. } box-shadow:-1px 0 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1) order:4; } Revebond fretboard. } } body.item-view .blog-name div.widget.Subscribe{ order:4 order:1 clip:rect(1px,1px,1px,1px); opacity:0; .sidebar-container .widget .title{ .sidebar-container .navigation{ background:-webkit-linear-gradient(left,#ffffff 0,#ffffff 20%,rgba(255, 255, 255, 0) 100%); } .post-body .tr-caption{ -webkit-flex-direction:column; .share-buttons li .platform-sharing-text{ display:none; The Recording King Dirty 30's Tenor Banjo brings 100 years of history into the present, road-ready vibe of the Dirty 30's line. £5.50. Like I said, they sent me a new tuner with no questions asked. } -webkit-flex:1 1 auto; -webkit-transform:rotate(360deg); width:100% word-wrap:normal } display:block; background:0 0; overflow:hidden cursor:default; line-height:40px } display:block max-width:100% word-break:break-word; } min-height:100% Fun music and instrument for sure! background-color:#000000; This tuning is the standard tuning when playing jazz. font-size:.7em; max-height:166.6px; .search.focused{ $ 249.00 Recording King Madison RK-OT25-BR Open Back Banjo. .widget.Attribution,.widget.Attribution .copyright,.widget.Attribution .copyright a,.widget.Attribution .image-attribution,.widget.Attribution .image-attribution a,.widget.Attribution a{ padding:0; display:none display:-ms-flexbox; background-color:#fff8db; #comments .comment .comment-header .user,#comments .comment .comment-header .user a{ .b-notification.invisible{ display:none color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.10); -ms-flex-direction:column; padding:0; Just arrived: Simply beautiful B&D Silver Bell No. line-height:24px; display:-webkit-flex; } top:36px .sticky .back-button-container,.sticky .hamburger-menu-container{ padding-top:0; } margin-left: 70px; border-radius:50% -webkit-box-flex:1; display:inline-block display:none } display:block Irish Handmade Instruments; Accessories cases straps strings parts etc; Percussion « Go back; Guitars. border-top:none; } } -ms-flex:0 0 auto; /*! These banjos were labeled with a variety of brand names and bore no Gibson markings even though they were made at the Kalamazoo factory and in many cases were very similar to Gibson catalog models. .collapsed-header .centered-top-container .search-action,.collapsed-header .centered-top-container .search-input input{ width: auto; display:none position:relative; £238.00. } outline:0 } } transform:translateX(0) .post.no-featured-image .post-header,.post.no-featured-image .post-header a,.post.no-featured-image .post-header button{ please message me or call me 07854061995 to arrange an appointment. margin-left:220px; } } .subscribe-popup .FollowByEmail h3{ content:''; £1,390. margin:0; margin-left:56px The Recording King Dirty 30's Tenor Banjo is for players looking to add a traditional tenor vibe to their sound, and it's the perfect crossover instrument for mandolin, violin, viola and cello players. #comments .comment .comment{ -webkit-transition:height .3s cubic-bezier(.4,0,.2,1); -webkit-flex:1 1 auto; -webkit-box-ordinal-group:4; It has construction similar to an old Gibson Oriole with a single coordinator rod setup and an equally-fast, comfortable neck. .widget.FeaturedPost .thumb.hero-thumb{ .hamburger-menu-container{ font:normal normal 14px Copse display:-webkit-box; } padding-left:0 color:transparent; CC-Irish Tenor: Cripple Creek Irish Tenor Banjo. font:normal normal 14px Arvo font:normal normal 20px Arvo; from{ -ms-flex-pack:justify; Recording King RKT-05 Dirty Thirties Tenor Banjo. The Recording King Dirty 30's Tenor Banjo brings 100 years of history ... more into the … -ms-flex-order:2; @media screen and (min-width:640px){ max-width:100% width:100% .page .widget.FeaturedPost .thumb-link{ background-color:transparent background:#ffffff; -ms-flex:1 1 100%; z-index:101; .blogger-logo,.svg-icon-24.blogger-logo{ font:normal bold 20px Lora; font:normal bold 16px Arvo; } .widget.Profile ul{ -ms-flex:0 0 auto; display:-webkit-flex; display:none; .centered-top{ .widget.Blog .post.no-featured-image,.widget.PopularPosts .post.no-featured-image{ padding:100px 65px -webkit-box-flex:1; color:#000000; } margin-top:24px; .widget.Profile .individual .profile-data a,.widget.Profile .team .profile-name{ -webkit-transform:translateX(-3888px); } Ironically, many of those survivors - ugly as they can be - play better than most under-$400 student models today. border-color:#ffffff; .search{ } to{ background:0 0; padding:0 0 30px; content:'\00B7'; £105. text-decoration:none } The tenor banjo first came to prominence in the early 1900's, and its C-G-D-A tuning is especially well suited for folk, Celtic and Dixieland music. border-bottom-color:transparent padding-top:12px content:'\00b7' body{ padding:8px 0; height:auto .blog-pager{ margin-left:36px; color:#000000; align-items:center; } line-height:48px; margin-bottom:20px; -webkit-order:4; display:-webkit-box; line-height:1.7 color:#000000; #page_list_top .widget.PageList .overflowable-contents{ } Recording King RK-Elite-75 5 saitiges Banjo, Mahagoni Hals, Ebenholz Griffbrett, Flying Eagle-Style Griffbrett Inlay, 22 Bünde, Mensur 700 mm, Mastertone-style Tone Ring, Mastertone-style One-Piece Banjo … } } top:8px margin-bottom:15px; } } margin-bottom:50px } The banjo reminds me a lot of solos on an electric guitar, especially with the alternate picking and fast triplets. } } outline:0 color:#000000; body{ content:',' Ottawa Music in Ottawa Kansas is also a great place to deal with, they stand behind everything they sell. } width:24px margin-left:8px line-height:1.7 display:block; order:3 html[dir=rtl] .sidebar-container.sidebar-invisible{ background-color:#fff; font:normal bold 16px Arvo font:italic normal 12px Arvo; font:normal bold 24px Lora .sticky .search .section{ cursor:pointer background-color:transparent; -webkit-box-orient:vertical; €635. } 2 . Customer Service: 9. display:inline-block; bottom:0; max-width:520px; @keyframes mspin-rotate{ .collapsible:focus,.collapsible>summary:focus{ animation:mspin-singlecolor-large-film 1333ms infinite steps(81); } Recording King Dirty 30s Open Back Banjo. -webkit-box-ordinal-group:2; .dialog{ } outline:0; body#layout .sidebar-container{ display:-ms-flexbox; .post-sidebar-item ul{ right:0; font-size:16px; } #comments .comment .thread-expanded .comment-block{ white-space:nowrap margin-top:.5em margin-left:48px .search-input input{ .BlogArchive .post-count::after,.Label .label-count::after{ #comment-editor{ ... Recording King RKT-05 Dirty Thirties Tenor Banjo. } } height:100vh; justify-content:space-between .post-body img{ flex:1 1 auto; €572. Contact-us. -webkit-box-orient:vertical; It has the ring and projection of a professional instrument with a great look and feel. We are adding new videos all the time. list-style:none; The workshop takes place during the days we are at sea so you can visit all ports and still have plenty of time for fun with your spouse, family or friends while on the cruise. transform:rotate(0) New range of quality student tenor banjos now in store starting from €199,€249 and €349.They will be uploaded to the website as soon as time allows. margin-top:50px; margin-bottom:8px -webkit-transition-duration:.3s; } outline:0 flex:0 0 auto; See the banjos closeup and hear different models so you can compare better. .centered-top-container.sticky .Header .header-widget{ } My only work was to nudge the setup on-spec and it now plays great. from{ Gold Tone AC-4 Openback Tenor Banjo (Produktseite auf thomann.de) Recording King RKT-05 Dirty 30s Tenor Banjo (Produktseite auf thomann.de) Kaufempfehlung: viersaitige Tenor Banjos ab 300 Euro. BanjoTeacher.com is still shipping all products. .post-header .byline:not(:last-child):after{ display:-ms-flexbox; } margin:50px 0 0 0 .search.focused .search-expand{ padding-left:0; outline:0; } } } z-index:100 €696. iframe.b-hbp-video{ body.item-view .widget.PopularPosts, } right:0; border-radius:50% } clear:both } } We also have many old parts to help you bring your banjo back to original. .dialog input.no-cursor{ margin:0; content:',' overflow:hidden display:-webkit-box; -webkit-flex:0 1 auto; -webkit-order:4; display:flex €282 . -webkit-box-flex:0; } color:#000000; body.sidebar-visible{ -ms-flex-order:3; body.search-view .centered-top.search-focused .blog-name{ } min-height:300px; -webkit-box-flex:0; color:#4e884a border:0; } -webkit-transform:rotate(0); .BlogArchive .post-count::before,.Label .label-count::before{ 2 in excellent condition. .touch-icon-button .touch-icon:active,.touch-icon-button .touch-icon:focus{ } .search.focused .section{ overflow:visible .search-input input{ display:none I am to be teaming up with our professional Safari guides Kevin and Tricia Dooley on an adventure that none of us will forget. flex:0 0 auto; At BanjoTeacher.com the 4-string Dirty 30's RKT-05 Recording King Tenor Banjo comes with complete Professional Banjo Setup and can be set up with GDAE irish Banjo tuning. top:0; } padding-bottom:0; .collapsed-header .centered-top-container .search-input input.no-cursor:focus,.search-input input.no-cursor:focus{ padding-top:0 This is considered by many to be the "standard" tenor banjo or tenor guitar tuning. clear:both; Ozark Tenor 4-string Banjo Open Back 2102T with Padded Cover . } display:inline-block Annual Banjo Workshop weekend in Sunny St Pete Beach Florida! } margin:0; padding:0 float: right; Read all about it: https://jakewildwood.blogspot.com/2018/04/2017-recording-king-rkt-05-dirty-30s.html } display:inline-block; I received my Recording King Tenor Banjo and it is just what I wanted. BanjoTeachers submit your name to our Banjo Teacher List. Customer Service: 9.

recording king irish tenor banjo

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